There has always been a problem for the developers that what are the most important bootstraps one must have. Well here is a list of 40 bootstraps that are most important and most commonly used in web development….


1. Bootstrap Multiselect


This plugin helps you with the multi selection task. It is very easy to understand and apply in your design…

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2. Social Buttons for Bootstrap


Social buttons are an essential part of any website. This bootstrap plugin provides you with all kinds of social buttons.

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3. Bootstrap Dialog


In every website there is always a need for dialog box. So here is one of the best dialog box bootstrap plugin…

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4. Yamm! Megamenu


Menu is basically the brain of a website. It is the point from where you navigate to all the pages of the website. Here is a menu plugin to make your menu look good.

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5. Bootstrap Confirmation


Confirmation is another essential part of website. As it helps to reduce the chances of accidental exit or entry of wrong data. By using this plugin you can introduce confirmation program to your website.

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6. Bootstrap Sidebar


Sidebars in a website improve the outlook of the website. Use this plugin to make your website look awesome…

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7. Bootstrap Tag Input


In a certain type of websites we have to tag files, posts or people. With this plugin it will be easy to tag in your website….

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8. BootstrapTreeNav


In some websites we use sub navigation. To manage this type of navigation we use tree navigation bootstrap plugin.

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9. Bootstrap WYSIWYG


Almost every website has text in it. This bootstrap plugin is rich text editor that helps you properly mange your text in the website…

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10. jqBootstrapValidation


While making a new account or filling in the form of any kind, we need to validate the data we provided. This bootstrap plugin helps you to setup the validation program in your website…

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11. Bootstrap Select


When provide with the multiple choices to your work, you need to select the desired option. To do so you will need this plugin to provide your user the selection menu……

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12. flavr – Flat jQuery Popup Dialog


In some website when you chose an option a popup box appears. That can be accomplished by using this simple plugin…

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13. pNotify


To make a notifier you must use this plugin. It will make it easy for you to do so.

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14. CSS3 Responsive Forms Pack


There several types of forms used in websites. Here is the collection of responsive CSS3 forms.

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15. Bootstrap Forms Helper


Here is the bootstrap for you that will help your to fill a form more easily and quikley.

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16. Bootstrap Tabcollapse


This Bootstrap helps you to Switch bootstrap tabs component to collapse for small screens…

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17. Bootstrap Lightbox Plugin


You may to Utilizes this Bootstraps modal plugin to implement a lightbox gallery.

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18. Tokenfield for Bootstrap


Copy paste is the most commonly used process. Use this plugin to create elegant tag able fields with copy/paste and keyboard support.

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19. Editable Table


Editing on a table is common practice in many types of websites. Here is a bootstrap plugin to help you make an edit able table.

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20. Multi-Suggest Typeahead


Bootstrap Multisuggest extends the default Bootstrap Typeahead component to support multiple datasources data from Backbone.js Collections, RESTful services (AJAX/JSON), and static arrays dynamic filtering

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21. Bootstrap Combobox


Provides combobox as a Twitter Bootstrap component, based on dropdown.

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22. Timepicker


This bootstrap helps you to select time zone and set time as you see fit. It provides only digital time…

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23. Bootstrap Calendar


If you need to setup a calender for your website here is the bootstrap that gives you the calender you want….

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24. ClockPicker


Now a days digital time is what we normally use. But some people are old school, they like to see the time on the clock. This plugin provides you the best clock picker….

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25. Bootstrap Star Rating


In the present era we like to rate each and everything. This plugin make it easy to add the rating program to your website.

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26. Bootstrap Video Player


This plugin is one of the best video plugins. It runs the video smoothly and takes less time in streaming.

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27. Rpage Pagination


Pagination is another very essential part of the websites which hold large number of the data that a user is searching for. Add this plugin to your website to get cool pagination.

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28. Bootstrap Progressbar


When we download a file or a page in a website is being loaded progress bar is shown. This is plugin to make an awesome progress bar…

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29. X-editable


IT is an awesome editor that helps you edit the data in the website with ease that no other plugin can provide…

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30. jQuery Sortable


If you need to sort the data make it easier to access then this is the plugin for you….

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31. Tocify.js


Tocify is a jQuery Plugin for creating a table of of contents that provides support for smooth scrolling, scroll highlighting, scroll page extending, and forward and back button support.

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32. Bootstrap Growl


Pretty simple jQuery plugin that turns standard Bootstrap alerts into “Growl-like” notifications.

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33. Tokenfield


Advanced tagging/tokenizing plugin for jQuery and Twitter Bootstrap with a focus on keyboard and copy-paste support.

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34. MetisMenu


MetisMenu is a simple jQuery menu plugin for Bootstrap 3 that help you create a collapsible menu with animated accordion effects and auto collapse support.

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35. Bootstrap ColorPicker Sliders


You have to pic different colors here is your chance to pick cool colors very easily…….

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36. jQuery Bootgrid


Grid systems are there to create easy layout options, as well as powerful mixins for generating more semantic layouts.

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37. Bootstrap Markdown


Bootstrap Markdown designed to be easily integrated with your bootstrap project. It exposes useful API that allow you to fully hook-in into the plugin.

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38. Summernote


Provide essential features to working our web site. not digging in the codes not with trials and fails.

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39. Bootstrap Show Password


Allows you to view your password to check weather it is correct or not..

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40. Bootstrap Max Length


This plugin provides you he maximum length of a text area to write a large amount of text.

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