jQuery and CSS3 has revolutionize the webdesign industry. A lot of new and very cool features has been added to make your websites look awesome. Hover effects are one of those amazing features. These effects are often used in websites to add usability of options, images and animations. There are plenty of ideas to make the hover effect more effective and beautiful.

In this post, we have provided you with a list of amazing hover effects using jQuery and CSS3. You can see many varieties of hover effects below. So enjoy the benefits of these amazing tutorials to get the better grip of how a hover effect can be applied to your website.

1. Sliding Image Divider

1. sliding

This hover effect slides the divider over the image….
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2. Caption Hover Effects

2. caption

In this effect, the caption will come from below. It is the most commonly used hover effect.
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3. Image Overlay Hover Effects With CSS3

3. Image Overlay

When it comes to the image hover this hover is considered one of the best ones. It gives an overlay effect when you bring the mouse over it.
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4. Hover Zoom Effect with jQuery and CSS

4. zoom

This hover zooms in the area wherever your pointer goes.

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5. Image Highlighting & Preview with jQuery

5. Highlight

In this hover the pointed are is highlighted leaving remaining in the shadow.

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6. CSS3 Hover Effect Tutorial with Image Circle


It shows all your images in a circle. When you bring your mouse on any image it is diplayed in the center of the circle.

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7. PFold: Paper-Like Unfolding Effect

7. pfold

This hover gives your page an actual flip like the page of a book.

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8. CSS Triangle Image Crop

8. triangle

All your images are displayed in a triangular shape. When you bring the mouse on the image it highlights the image.

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9. Thumbnails Preview Slider with jQuery

9. thumbnail

Shows your images in thumbnails like slider. When you point on an image the slider shows that image.

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10. Text Revel Hover: Corner Triangle Slide

10. text

It has a corner triangle and show the text in the revel as you point your mouse on the text.

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11. Animated Skills Diagram with Raphaël


It shows skills in the circular bands. and when you point your mouse on the circle the band wobbles.

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12. Ideas for Subtle Hover Effects

12. idea

When you point your mouse on the image it is highlighted leaving remaining images having a dull layer on them.

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13. CSS3 Hover Effects

12. css

When you move your mouse on the image a triangle area drops on it along with zooming the image.

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14. Pentagon Hover Effect with CSS3 and jQuery

14. penta

It shows the images options in the pentagon shape. Upon being pointed the are highlighted ang the text below changes as you seek.

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15. Diagonal Sliding Hover Transition


Upon being hovered the image show a sliding transition.

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16. CSS3 Navigation Hover Effect

16. nav

Highlights the hovered area of the navigation.

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17. Social Media icons With CSS 3D hover effects

17. social

Zoom ins the social media icon and changes its color as well.

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18. Scrollable Thumbs Menu with jQuery

18.scroll 1

When you point the mouse on the gallery it shows the images in a vertical bar and also displays the image on the slider.

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19. jQuery Wheel Menu

19. wheel

It is a wheel like effect. When you point your mouse on it, it rotates like a wheel.

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20. Menu Hover Effects

20. menu

Shows the menu in the bits and pieces highlighting the pointed option.

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21. Table Menu Hover Effects

21. table

Show a table like menu. Highlighting the pointed area on the menu.

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22. Flat Pure CSS Nav Menu Hover Effects

22. falt

Shows a flat navigation bar.

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23. Button Hover Effects Tutorials

23. buttons

Gives you the best buttons with icons, which have an effective movement on being pointed at.

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24. Creative Button Styles

24. creative

Buttons are the main focus and they respond when you hover on them.

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25. Wacom button hover effect

25. woocom

Background color changes and the text drops down from above.

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26. Transitional Buttons

26. transition

Button flips and changes color on being hovered over.

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27. CSS animated button

27. nice

You get cool animated button upon hovering.

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28. Circle button hover effect

28.circle b

You get circular button. When you point the mouse on them they increase the border strength.

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29. CSS3 Hover Effects with Websymbols Tutorial

29. websymb

Upon being hovered the circle gives a wheel like movement.

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30. Flat & Shiny Button

30. shiny

As described in the title, upon hovering you get a a flat shiny button.

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31. Arrow Button Hover Effect


It has a flat button, but when you point your mouse on it you get an arrow.

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32. Traffic Light Buttons Hover Effect


You have three basic traffic light buttons. On hovering they display the the icon.

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33. Pure CSS button hover effect


This button show spirals moving around in and changes color upon hovering.

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34. Pixelate.js


It show a distorted image pixels and then upon hovering clears the image and show the real thing.

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35. Diagonal Fill Button Hover Effect


It fills up the button with different color diagonally, upon hovering.

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36. Circle Fill Up Button Hover Effect

36.circl hoover

Fills in the button with the darker shade of the same color, in circular motion.

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37.Logo Hover Effects Tutorials

37. hove

Make your logo do awesome thing when being hovered.

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38. Pyramid Logo Hover Animation

38. paramid

Provides the desired object with pyramid animation.

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39. Text Hover Effects Tutorials

39. text

gives your text the amazing motion in hovering as if it was a cut out of the paper with only one side still attached.

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40. Text Hover Effect

40. tezxt hov

Upon hovering provides you with the effects you desire like underline, box and shine etc.

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41. Tiles With Animated :Hover

41. hov

Makes your image to appear on the display in tiles like movement.

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42. Link Hover Effects Tutorials

42. simple

When you attach a link to text or image this will provide you with distinct hover effects.

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43. Link Hover Effects Tutorials

43. hove

Provides the cubical circular motion to the text that has a link attached to it.

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44. Creative Link Effects

44. crea

This will provide lining both above and below the text having a link attached to it.

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45. Image Link Hover Circle

45.imsge lnk

Provides the circular effect upon hovering on an image.

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46. Shape Hover Effect with SVG

46. shape

Gives you different shape as an effect to the object on your website.

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47. Adipoli jQuery Image Hover Plugin

47. adipoli

It has multiple image hover effect you can choose from.

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48. Flip jQuery Plugin

48. flip

It gives your image a 3D flip upon hovering.

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49. AnythingZoomer jQuery Plugin


It helps you zoom anything you desire upon hovering.

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50. Swish jQuery Zoom Hover Effect Plugin

50. zoom

You want to see part of the image in full pixels just hover on it and this will show you the real zoomed in image.

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51. Animated jQuery Content Hover Effect Plugin

51. content

If you have a content to give a hovering effect to then this is just query for you.

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52. Slickhover jQuery plugin

52. slick

Slickhover.js is a lightweight useful jQuery plugin that produces a slick and smooth hover effect that fades out images and shows a custom icon when a user hovers over an image.

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53. SlipHover

53. slip

SlipHover apply direction aware hover animation for the caption of an image.

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