Web design industry is big on trend setting. Now a days the biggest trend of web design industry is flat design.Flat design is basically a design without drop shadows, gradients, and textures which are common in web design. Flat design uses solid colors and often typography figures prominently into the design.

In this we will provide you with 20+ examples of the flat web designs so you will be able to you use these design in your web site if you choose to use the flat design.

1. Dream + Reach: The first 50 Years of Bose

1. sliding

2. Surpris.es

2. surprise

3. Fhoke

3. fhoke

4. True

4. true

5. Thibault Jorge

5. thibault

6. Snowbird

6. snowbird

7. United Pixelworkers

7. united

8. Etch


9. Friends of the Web


10. Leen Heyne Fine Jewelry

10. jewellery

11. Ivo Mynttinen

11. ivon

12. William Leeks

12. wiliam

13. Quartz

13. quartz

14. Oak.is

14. oak

15. Float

15. float

16. Diagnosite

16. dignosite 

17. Standbuy

17. standbuy

18. Spotify Sweet Spot

18. spotify

19. Crafting Type

19. crafting

20. Supereight Studio

20. supersight

21. Fitbit

21. fitbit

22. Future Insights Live

22. future

23. Wide Eye Creative

23. wide

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