Whenever we start developing a website we need some things that are necessary in that website. But there are some things that are necessary for every single website that are being developed and those things are ICONS. Icons are the most used component of a website.


We just love WordPress ! Right? :) It made our job easy to start an online business within hours. Every website needs a good theme which should be smooth and more over responsive to work on all devices. We have collected 10 latest and free responsive WordPress themes which we are sure you would like to bookmark and use for your next website.

You will find 10 beautiful free UI design Kits which we collected from different design websites like dribbble. As a web designer I know how much this is difficult job to design web UI elements from scratch but if you have such collections then its easy for you to create or reuse such component in your projects.


Every web designer and developer needs icons in their daily work. These can be social icons, dashboard, menus or for other parts of their web pages. If you are looking for some free icons then here are few sets of beautiful free icons which hope you will like.