The beauty of WordPress is its plugins. Thousands of plugins are available which helps us to perform and produce anything we want to do for our site. If You are going to start a new blog or you already have one, then these 8 plugins should be part of your plugins set. These plugins have different purpose from security to maintenance of your blog.


Now a days, every website has image gallery to show images and media. jQuery plugins are best way to create such things. We have created a list of some powerfull jQuery image gallery plugins. These plugins comes with variety of options and features.


HTML5 and CSS3 have changed the style of web designing and development. Now web designers are relying on HTML5 and CSS3 to achieve the best effects and features. HTML5 has changed the web and it has taken the position of many old tools which were slow and not favorite to use for web designers and developers. Here we have shared 20 best tutorials which will help you to understand what is HTML5 and how to develop something with it.

You will find 10 beautiful free UI design Kits which we collected from different design websites like dribbble. As a web designer I know how much this is difficult job to design web UI elements from scratch but if you have such collections then its easy for you to create or reuse such component in your projects.